Furniture Finds- Pottery Barn Warehouse

I never thought Pottery Barn on a budget was possible until I discovered the Pottery Barn Alameda outlet. Located off the shores of Alameda Point, this hidden gem is filled with Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma, and West Elm furniture at 50-70% off the original prices. As it stands most of the furniture we’ve purchased has been from the outlet. Although the drive can be somewhat of a pain and you have to frequently check to see what they have, there’s a special feeling you get when you find the exact furniture you were pining after for a fraction of the cost!

Here are a few of the items we’ve found so far:

  1. Ashton Tufted dining room chairs

2. Lorraine Extended dining table

3. Chesterfield queen bed

4. Desk

5. Hudson bedside table

6. Rugs (runners, area rugs)

7. Outdoor wicker chairs

8. Lorraine large coffee table


Many of these items were still on display in stores when we found them! It goes to show that the Pottery Barn warehouse/outlet is a place where they just take their overstock or items with the tiniest imperfections.