Bedroom Update

Today I thought I would give you guys an update of my bedroom decor! I decided to go to Palo Alto’s Pottery Barn yesterday on a whim and ended up finding a few pieces that I am obsessed with and that I believe tie the room together perfectly. My first stop was Anthropologie and to my delight they were having a store wide sale for Mother’s Day! I ended up finding the cutest owl hook for my bathroom. This is great news since up until now I have been hanging my towel and bathrobe over the shower door out of necessity. I might end up purchasing this little bird hook to match. I have also been looking everywhere for a frame that ‘felt just right’ for my bedside table. I had been looking for months because I am a bit picky when it comes to bedroom decor, so this was a happy moment for me!

What is even more exciting is that the Mecury Glass Frame matches so well with the lamps I have. My only gripe about the frame is that the stand only allows it to stand vertically, but I found a way to lay it horizontally using a small jar of push pins.

My next stop was Pottery Barn to help my mom pick out a new set of dinnerware and it was there that I happened to find the Billie Paisley Quilt & Sham on clearance! I am always looking for transitional pieces that can transcend seasons and this quilt is perfect for that. I am so happy with the way it looks with the colors in my room and how the paisley print adds interest. I am glad I made the decision to check out what the Stanford shopping center had to offer yesterday. It is the best feeling when you find those perfect finishing touches, and an even better feeling when you got everything on sale!



Anthropologie Mercury Frame

Bonus picture since apparently all of my pets wanted to be included!