Current Obsession- Indoor Plants

Lately I have been obsessing over indoor plants and their ability to liven up any space! I think this element of decor is just something I had overlooked before the renovation, but now I am hooked.

It is exciting to walk around nurseries picking out small plants, trees, and succulents for the indoors. There are even studies that show indoor plants can help reduce carbon dioxide levels, assist in breathing, help clean the air, and even help you work better.  I find watering the plants to be a serene, calming activity as well. So all in all, you cannot go wrong with a few (or many) indoor plants!

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Current Obsession- Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Before the home renovation we had a large grassy area in the front yard with a walkway and river rock beds. Unfortunately our beautiful lawn was compromised during the renovation because we had a PODS storage unit sitting on top of it for months.

After the renovation we decided against the grass and went for full on drought-tolerant landscaping that we did ourselves.

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App Crush- Houzz

I wanted to talk about my favorite interior design app! If you have not heard of Houzz, it is a website and online community about architecture, interior design and decorating, landscape design and home improvement. The website and app feature millions of pictures, articles, tips, user forums, product recommendations and more. It is basically an online platform containing everything you need to redecorate/renovate your home. I referred to it constantly during our home renovation!

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Current Obsession- Dark Trim © 2017 photography by JOYTRIBOUT.COM

It is crazy to think about what a difference seemingly small details can make in a home. In our home we have always had white woodwork/trim so I did not think twice about painting it all white after the house renovation. Lately I have been coming across pictures of dark woodwork and trim, which has left me with a whole new perspective on the impact painted trim can have! Although I love the white trim on our home because it brightens up the rooms, I am beginning to wonder what the home might have looked like with dark finishes on the trim and plantation shutters.

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Current Obsession- Navy Doors

I have been a big fan of dark doors lately, particularly navy blue ones! They add a statement to homes without being overbearing and look great against white trim. Black doors are another gorgeous option, but there is something very warm and inviting about navy! It is also a perfect option for someone looking to do something bold without it looking too dramatic. Navy doors are a great option for rustic or coastal styles because they go perfectly with natural woods, creams, and whites.

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Current Obsession- Stikwood Ceilings

A custom feature I have recently stumbled onto are stikwood ceilings! Stikwood is actually a peel and stick design solution, but each panel looks so weathered and natural that guests would never know the difference! The products can be found at where you can also browse the different finishes and order samples.

You can place the adhesive panels anywhere from ceilings, walls, and fireplace to instantly add a custom, rustic touch to your space.

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