Realities of Renovating

The process of a complete home renovation is always bittersweet. On one hand it is exciting to plan and visualize what the new space is going to look like, on the other hand you are faced with the reality that is it not all smooth sailing. In fact, most phases of the process are rough (especially if you are living on site while major renovations are taking place). Fortunately, it becomes well worth it when you get to enjoy and live in the finished result!

I have compiled a list of the realities we encountered during our renovation so that you all can be better prepared than we were:

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Paint Finishes- What I Wish I Knew

It is hard enough to make decisions on paint color, but now we have to worry about what finish to choose as well! Before the house renovation most of the walls in our rooms and bathrooms were painted with a semigloss finish, which I was not a huge fan of. I though they made the walls look too shiny and I did not like the way they looked under artificial light. When I brought this up to my parents they would always explain that they chose semigloss because it is the most scratch resistant of the paint finishes and the easiest to clean.

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Solid Hardwood Flooring- What I Wish I Knew

hardwood-floorsFlooring can be one of the most prominent details in a home and can completely transform the feel of a space. Before the remodel we went with engineered bamboo flooring, so after the remodel we opted for trendy and beautiful dark stained solid hardwood floors. The process of installing and staining the solid hardwood took about a month from start to finish. To my surpriseĀ  (and disappointment) the solid hardwood has proven to be way more delicate than our previous engineered hardwood floors. We’ve only had the floors installed for a few months and they are already covered with light, visible scratches!

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