Current Obsession- Indoor Plants

Lately I have been obsessing over indoor plants and their ability to liven up any space! I think this element of decor is just something I had overlooked before the renovation, but now I am hooked.

It is exciting to walk around nurseries picking out small plants, trees, and succulents for the indoors. There are even studies that show indoor plants can help reduce carbon dioxide levels, assist in breathing, help clean the air, and even help you work better.  I find watering the plants to be a serene, calming activity as well. So all in all, you cannot go wrong with a few (or many) indoor plants!

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Realities of Renovating

The process of a complete home renovation is always bittersweet. On one hand it is exciting to plan and visualize what the new space is going to look like, on the other hand you are faced with the reality that is it not all smooth sailing. In fact, most phases of the process are rough (especially if you are living on site while major renovations are taking place). Fortunately, it becomes well worth it when you get to enjoy and live in the finished result!

I have compiled a list of the realities we encountered during our renovation so that you all can be better prepared than we were:

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