Bedroom Update

Today I thought I would give you guys an update of my bedroom decor! I decided to go to Palo Alto’s Pottery Barn yesterday on a whim and ended up finding a few pieces that I am obsessed with and that I believe tie the room together perfectly. My first stop was Anthropologie and to my delight they were having a store wide sale for Mother’s Day! I ended up finding the cutest owl hook for my bathroom. This is great news since up until now I have been hanging my towel and bathrobe over the shower door out of necessity. I might end up purchasing this little bird hook to match. I have also been looking everywhere for a frame that ‘felt just right’ for my bedside table. I had been looking for months because I am a bit picky when it comes to bedroom decor, so this was a happy moment for me!

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Designer Spotlight- Jacquelyn Clark of Lark and Linen

I wanted to share with you guys one of my favorite interior designers/bloggers! I found Jacquelyn Clark of Lark and Linen’s blog last summer when I was looking for inspiration for home decor. I immediately became a fan of hers when I saw how serene and put together all of her designs are. Her blog also features home tours, recipes, and lifestyle tips!

This Toronto based designer has an amazing eye for accessories and I love that she adds personal touches to her client’s designs. I have included just a few of my favorite rooms from her projects below:

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Summer Decor Essentials

With summer quickly approaching I thought it would be fun to curate a post with the decor I have had my eye on! I love decorating for summer because you can go so many different directions with it. You can do farmhouse style and bring in white flowers paired with light mango wood furniture and bright pastels. Or you can go coastal with creams, blues, and pops of oceanic accessories.

I think the summertime is a great time to go big with your decor because you will probably have more people visiting.

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Current Obsession- Indoor Plants

Lately I have been obsessing over indoor plants and their ability to liven up any space! I think this element of decor is just something I had overlooked before the renovation, but now I am hooked.

It is exciting to walk around nurseries picking out small plants, trees, and succulents for the indoors. There are even studies that show indoor plants can help reduce carbon dioxide levels, assist in breathing, help clean the air, and even help you work better.  I find watering the plants to be a serene, calming activity as well. So all in all, you cannot go wrong with a few (or many) indoor plants!

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Home Tour- Atlanta, Georgia

I came across this home while browsing Pinterest and instantly fell in love. The soft creams, navys, and pinks make this home’s decor elegant and pretty. The house belongs to stylist Natalie Nassar- photostylist, producer, and decorator of Natalie Nassar Designs.

I truly appreciate designers who have the ability to layer different patterns and textures seamlessly. Her home is also perfectly accessorized which is no easy task! Nassar mixes contemporary, eclectic, and chic decor to create her own unique style.

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Realities of Renovating

The process of a complete home renovation is always bittersweet. On one hand it is exciting to plan and visualize what the new space is going to look like, on the other hand you are faced with the reality that is it not all smooth sailing. In fact, most phases of the process are rough (especially if you are living on site while major renovations are taking place). Fortunately, it becomes well worth it when you get to enjoy and live in the finished result!

I have compiled a list of the realities we encountered during our renovation so that you all can be better prepared than we were:

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